Monday, February 04, 2008

Nothing compares

Today was a good day. I woke up, kissed my girlfriend goodbye as she headed out to work, enjoyed a bowl of cereal with cold milk then started to work. Later in the day, I stopped working, made myself a late lunch then thoroughly cleaned the house. Well, a few rooms of the house. Fairly thoroughly.

Now, I'm thinking back to my session. As usual, there were a few things I was unhappy with, including getting stacked at $2/4 with A9s on an A A K Q 5 board - my opponent obviously had AK. That said, I really felt like I was in control of my game, and my reads were solid all day. It might be because I had several days off poker recently, but I think it might have more to do with the fact I got to play while I was fresh instead of after a full day at work. I did feel it was a lot easier to focus, and I was 4-tabling with ease throughout most of my session.

The highlight of today (and any day for that matter) was the following hand, where I faced a raise from the cutoff with Ah9h on the button. Knowing that I could outplay my opponent in position(I was in the zone, see?) I decided to call, and we were heads up. No outplaying was required however when I got lucky and flopped the nuts. My opponent led out for $10, and I raised to $25. My opponent then re-raised allin right then and there! I couldn't call fast enough, desperate to see his cards and work out what I had to dodge.....


.....nothing! He had a lower flush, and no cards could help him. He was drawing dead! It's a beautiful sight, rare and special, and it made my day. I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing such sights, no matter how long I play for.

So my week has started off very well, and the absence of any serious bad beats was very welcome for my confidence. Don't think I'll post any numeric results, as would like to remain focussed on good play instead. Tomorrow I plan to visit my cousin and fellow professional player for a tutorial, then sign up to cardrunners so the home learning can begin. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store, sure wouldn't mind a few more days like today, however unlikely!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's wished me luck, and offered their support of my new role.


Ryverrat said...

Wishing you all the best with your new role. You are doing something that a lot of us working monkeys wish we could do. Will be following your progress. Good luck.


Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

Wait a minute... stop dealing the cards?

You don't plan on showing any numeric results?

You do what ever it is that will make you successful but let me assure you as a reader, it is much more fun and encourage to hear how you bankroll is growing.

All the best either way,

AllanDuke said...

You flopped the nut flush. Poker is an easy game isn't it?

SubZero said...

Thanks Ryverrat, will endeavour to make you guys as jealous as possible!

Jackie, stay tuned, will update results at the end of each working week (for me, that will be mon-fri/sat).

Allanduke, what can I say? Sometimes it is easy, but the most enjoyable moments in poker are making winning calls after working out your opponents hand, and running a successful well-reasoned bluff. It's a beautiful game when you look closely....