Saturday, February 16, 2008


Another week has gone by already, making me a professional poker player of a whole fortnight. This week I suffered from a terrible cold all week, and only just managed 23 hours work over the last 6 days. Even today I'm still coughing and feel less than %100, but it's on it's way out and I may even enjoy a drink when we go out tonight to meet some of Faye's friends. After all, it has turned out to be another good week....

For the second Monday running, I managed to win over $1k in under 5 hours. Even better, over the entire week I didn't have a losing session - though that's only because I eeked out a $20 win in 2 hours today after first being down over $600! I'm running really well so far, and think I've been getting very lucky to go along with any good playing I've done.

There have still been bad beats (like KK losing to AK allin pf just yesterday for $840), and the occasional poor play by yours truly (like not folding 99 against KK despite obvious pf strength, or paying off a fullhouse handsomely with the 2nd nut flush). But, through good fortune or better-than-average skills, this week has seen me stay firmly in the black: winning $3.3k in my second week of full-time gambling. This achieved an hourly rate of $140, well above my desired average of $100ph.

Money aside for a moment, I do feel my game is much stronger this past week as I've become more familiar with my new style: 22/17 for the week. I still haven't joined cardrunners yet (I know, I know!) but it's on the list - and I have been reading lots of stuff off 2+2, linked to from this little gem of a lineup. So I don't feel my game is stagnant or anything at the moment, and I'm still putting effort into the learning side of things.... not just pounding on all the fish ;- )

What I need to do now is carry on and see whether this lucrative recent run turns out to be a short-lived sprint, or progresses into a long-distance performance. Here's hoping it's more about the marathon....

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