Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, I guess I was about due for a cooler but DAMN..... this one hurt me bad. Once again I was straying into overaggressive mode and failing to find the fold button. Ran KK into AA twice. Then QQ into AA on a KK4 flop where I failed to outplay my opponent. Pushing allin with AK and losing the coin flip from a call with QQ. And on top of all of that my occasional bluff raises were habitually slapped back into my face. I think I must have started to tilt, especially when I found myself pushing pf with AQo and seeing my opponent call easily with AKs (which of course hit the flush to add insult to injury). Obviously there was also a few bad beats along the way (like AJ vs AT allin on the A-2-4 flop), but most of my losses were from me spewing horribly.

The worst thing is that I was meant to be taking some time off poker this week, but instead I burned right through my midnight oil (not to mention about 3k) and managed barely 5 hours sleep before work. Was telling myself that the aggression was part of trying my new style, but if so it was an experiment gone horribly wrong. Serves as a good reminder that you can wipe out almost a months work in mere hours. The only consolation I can afford myself is that I don't care about the money; I can get that back over time, I'm just annoyed with myself for playing so poorly.

Anyway...... feel a little better now, always glad I can rely on my blog for it's cathartic properties, going to have a great weekend learning to surf then come back refreshed and recommence playing my A-game. Good luck to you all, look forward to reading your latest blog soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Fish,

How are you all? I trust you are all well, and I hope you have been enjoying the recent warm weather. I have recently been having some time off from poker to spend time with my friends, and this will continue this weekend when I will be learning to surf in Cornwall. Please do not worry though, I have a new account now with Mansion Poker and I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you there next week. I will probably be getting a Full Tilt account also in the future and will still be using VC and UB on occasion though, so please, don't worry about me not being able to find you.
I'd like to wish you all the best, and would like to commend you for constantly calling pot bets with weak draws, pushing the flop with underpairs, calling allins with TPTK and generally giving your money away. Thankyou also to those of you who have been clever enough to invest heavily in big pots only to be bluffed off your hands by air when you failed to pair your kicker or hit your miracle draw.

Best regards,


p.s. I'm coming for you. All of you.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Switching up a gear

I made it! Sooooo pleased that I have achieved my goal of making it to 20k, and making it before I got any grey hairs! Been doing some experimentation with a far more aggressive style a very good friend of mine advised me to try, and in one session I was immediately able to reap the rewards. My reads seem watertight, and as for my bluffs, please see below!
The question now is what my next goal should be. My averages are very strong, I managed to double my bankroll in the space of 3 months, and at the moment it really seems that the sky's the (no-)limit. I'm sure I'll settle down quickly, and keep trying to rack up a reliable sample of my play ability, but for this weekend I'm just going to smile and enjoy life to the maximum. I have a reunion with my uni friends tonight, and I'm in the mood for fun.
Here's to summer folks......

Hand #40567549-70901 at Clifton (No Limit Hold'em)
Make_It_Rain posts the small blind of $2.
Kabul posts the big blind of $4.

Kabul: -- --
DaniStar5: -- --
cismodules: -- --
ffiisshhyy: -- --
Incrediboy: Ts 8c
Make_It_Rain: -- --

DaniStar5 folds. cismodules folds. ffiisshhyy
folds. Incrediboy raises to $14. Make_It_Rain
folds. Kabul calls.

Flop (board: Kc Kd 2h):
Kabul checks. Incrediboy bets $15. (probe with my 'big hand')
Kabul raises to $65. (tries to pull a fast one on Big Daddy)
Incrediboy re-raises to $140. ("what are you trying to pull?" I say)
Kabul calls. (thinks and then calls reluctantly)

Turn (board: Kc Kd 2h 2d):
Kabul checks. Incrediboy goes all-in for $302.70. (made my 'full house')
Kabul folds. (villain exposed for a fish!)
Incrediboy is returned $302.70 (uncalled).

Hand #40567549-70901 Summary:
$3 is raked from a pot of $310.
Incrediboy wins $307. (Big Daddy gets the bacon)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fishing for fishies

The quest to hook the biggest fish continues, and I am trying to take full advantage of this long weekend to raise the count of helpless and hopeless crabstick fodder that I've yanked from the poker pools. There's nothing more satisfying than watching them flounder about and then plucking their probably hard-earned cash from their flimsy flippers.
As you move up the limits in whatever poker game you prefer, you will notice that some of the fish inevitably become a bit more wily and suspicious of the ever-present flashy hooks. They have been on the scene long enough to know what happens to their neighbours when they charge for the dangling worm, and won't be fooled by such obvious acts of entrapment. But, it makes no difference! They may pretend to be more clever, and less gullible, but believe me, when the chips are down they remain as scaled, flippered, and downright clueless as all the rest. They serve no purpose other than being sport for the professional angler, and I am more than willing to assume that role.
Here is a nice example of a fishy who thought he could get the best of me. I have removed my hand as it is largely irrelevant, but more so that can you can better imagine the fear my opponent must have had.

Hand #40567816-10710 at Gloucester (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 06/Apr/07 12:59:48

Incrediboy is at seat 0 with $396.
00alias00 is at seat 1 with $661.
2outer OBV is at seat 2 with $487.
bigborys is at seat 3 with $1000.10.
alluneed is at seat 5 with $910.60.
The button is at seat 0.

00alias00 posts the small blind of $2.
2outer OBV posts the big blind of $4.

Incrediboy: ?? ??
00alias00: -- --
2outer OBV: -- --
bigborys: -- --
alluneed: -- --

bigborys calls. alluneed raises to $18. Incrediboy
calls. 00alias00 folds. 2outer OBV folds.
bigborys folds.

Flop (board: Ad Jd 4s):
alluneed bets $32. Incrediboy calls.

Turn (board: Ad Jd 4s Qs):
alluneed bets $35. Incrediboy raises to $90.
alluneed calls.

River (board: Ad Jd 4s Qs 7c):
alluneed checks. Incrediboy bets $185. alluneed
folds. Incrediboy is returned $185 (uncalled).

Hand #40567816-10710 Summary:
$2 is raked from a pot of $290.
Incrediboy wins $288.

So what did I have? Hopefully it looks like I had a monster and was looking for a call, but in fact until the river I had nothing but air. And the river did not give me anything to write home about. My hand in actual fact was 6d 7d. I won that pot with a pair of 7s, 6 kicker!!!

Please notice waiting until the turn to put in the raise. This has several benefits:
1) You can gauge strength by his turn bet (or lack thereof)
2) You win more money if your bluff proves successful
3) There are more apparent draws that can be completed (and then possibly bluffed) on the river
When my opponent checked the river, I knew that the pot was mine if I could size my bluff correctly. Too small and I would be getting a call which my hand obviously could not handle. Too large and it would look like a steal, which also might also elicit a call. With nearly 300 in the pot, I figured 150 would be a typical value bet from a strong non-nut hand, so I took it closer to 200 to look like I was feeling greedy. To his credit, he thought a long while before making his inevitable muck.
Would you recommend playing this any differently?
Later on, I was playing some 1-2 for a giggle and the following situation arose. Hope you laugh as much as I did! Sleep well dear reader, there are still plenty of fish in the sea....

Hand #40567683-59907 at Michigan City (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 06/Apr/07 19:28:20

steel61 is at seat 0 with $910.35.
nlberns is at seat 1 with $224.95.
lsxintegrax94 is at seat 2 with $77.25.
kipu23 is at seat 3 with $139.90.
Incrediboy is at seat 4 with $156.30.
jazzy42 is at seat 5 with $310.10.
The button is at seat 4.

jazzy42 posts the small blind of $1.
steel61 posts the big blind of $2.

steel61: -- --
nlberns: -- --
lsxintegrax94: -- --
kipu23: -- --
Incrediboy: 4h 5h
jazzy42: -- --

nlberns folds. lsxintegrax94 raises to $7. kipu23
folds. Incrediboy calls. jazzy42 folds. steel61

Flop (board: Kd 5c 4s):
lsxintegrax94 goes all-in for $70.25. Incrediboy

Turn (board: Kd 5c 4s 9c):
(no action in this round)

River (board: Kd 5c 4s 9c Kc):
(no action in this round)

lsxintegrax94 shows Ac 2c.
lsxintegrax94 has Ac 2c 5c 9c Kc: flush, ace high.
Incrediboy mucks cards.
(Incrediboy has 4h 5h.)

Hand #40567683-59907 Summary:
$3 is raked from a pot of $157.50.
lsxintegrax94 wins $154.50 with flush, ace high.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Decisions decisions....

I got to the end of the month, and though I had made another tidy profit, increased my average earn and feel my game is still strong, yet I was still disappointed: I had put in only 25 hours play over 31 days. I feel that this is simply not enough. Poker is too lucrative and too much fun for me to dedicate such a paltry amount of my time, and if I ever want to play 'seriously', it isn't really helping me out.
Firstly, playing such a small number of hours will not 'prove' that I can maintain an average with enough accuracy as the sample period is far too small. I would really prefer to be playing 50 a month, and then look at how I do over a 6 month period before I am comfortable saying I am an X$ph player.
Secondly, even though I admit to spending the greater part of my days thinking about poker (thanks to Fuel55, slb159 and the SPGnome [among others] for helping reduce my work productivity), I know that the divide between theory and practice is vast. The skills and concepts I read and learn about have to be practiced like any skill, and without repetition can never be truly effective. I think a split of 3:1 practice to learning is optimal for me, some more gifted people may prefer 10:1, but then again some people may well find they need the opposite.
The only problem with wanting to play more is of course that the rest of my life would invariably suffer to some extent. I would see less of my girlfriend, who I'm extremely happy with and can't see often enough already. I wouldn't be able to do as many other activities, such as my kungfu training and with the advent of summer: getting back into running and rollerblading. I wouldn't have as much time for friends/family. When I play poker, I like to focus, and will try and screen all else from my mind (as it's just too feeble to multi-table and chew gum at the same time). So when I finish playing, it's usually late, the time for exercise has passed and the only person I can call is my girlfriend to say goodnight if she's not already asleep. Guess it's just not a social activity for someone with a 9-5 job.
So again I'm having to compromise between a game I love, and a life I love. Guess all I can really do is continue trying to find a balance, and if that means that I have to only play 25 hours some months then that has to be endured. Hopefully however my life will settle down and I'll get into a routine where I spend at least 2 nights a week at home able to play, and also get one longer session in each weekend. Obviously I'd like to be playing every night of the week, maybe missing work a few days, and taking over my girlfriends laptop whenever I visit. It's a bit selfish and one-dimensional, but then hey, what's a degenerate gambler to do?