Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, I guess I was about due for a cooler but DAMN..... this one hurt me bad. Once again I was straying into overaggressive mode and failing to find the fold button. Ran KK into AA twice. Then QQ into AA on a KK4 flop where I failed to outplay my opponent. Pushing allin with AK and losing the coin flip from a call with QQ. And on top of all of that my occasional bluff raises were habitually slapped back into my face. I think I must have started to tilt, especially when I found myself pushing pf with AQo and seeing my opponent call easily with AKs (which of course hit the flush to add insult to injury). Obviously there was also a few bad beats along the way (like AJ vs AT allin on the A-2-4 flop), but most of my losses were from me spewing horribly.

The worst thing is that I was meant to be taking some time off poker this week, but instead I burned right through my midnight oil (not to mention about 3k) and managed barely 5 hours sleep before work. Was telling myself that the aggression was part of trying my new style, but if so it was an experiment gone horribly wrong. Serves as a good reminder that you can wipe out almost a months work in mere hours. The only consolation I can afford myself is that I don't care about the money; I can get that back over time, I'm just annoyed with myself for playing so poorly.

Anyway...... feel a little better now, always glad I can rely on my blog for it's cathartic properties, going to have a great weekend learning to surf then come back refreshed and recommence playing my A-game. Good luck to you all, look forward to reading your latest blog soon.

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