Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HUC Update

I played LJ (a.k.a. PvanHaribo) last night for round 2 of the HUC6, and it was a tough lineup. When we finally got started (getting onto the same table on FTP is a joke), we faced off over our 2000 strong chip stacks. The first game was fairly unremarkable: LJ was pretty aggressive, but it felt like we were just feeling each other out. We ended up getting allin with my KK vs her 99 pretty shortly, and the first match went to me.

The second match was not quite so favourable. There was a feeling that LJ changed gears somewhat, although she still seemed quite aggressive preflop. I think there were more check raises on the flop, but either way I was not having an easy time stealing her chips. Then came the defining hand.

As I recall I was on the button with 87o, and completed. LJ put in a raise. Figuring my 87 was unlikely to be dominated, I called. The flop came down something T 6 5 with 2 spades. She led out, and I called with my OESD. The turn was the Ace of Spades - no help for me. She leads again, and I call behind, hoping for a good river. The 9 of Clubs. Perfect. I have the nut straight. She checks now, and I bet 2/3 pot for value. She raises allin. I click call, confidently saying to myself "No way she has the flush" as I do. She turns over Ks2s. She has the nut flush. GG me.

Both the first two games were over in about 10 minutes. The third lasted more like an hour. It was epic. There were multiple times we were both on the ropes, with what felt like a 20 minute period where I was around 700-1000 chips while LJ had the lead. I started off well finding AA vs her AKs allin preflop, but she had chips remaining and managed to fight back very well. She was very aggressive preflop, and whenever I had a pushable hand I often called and let her raise before pushing over the top just so I could stay afloat.

As we reached my breaking point (my girlfriend had returned home over an hour ago and not finishing soon would cause irreparable damage) I picked up KK, and managed to get allin vs her underpair. It held up, and LJ only had around 300 chips left. A few hands later, I was lucky enough to pick up AJ or AQ to defend her allin, and then it was all over.

To her credit, I think I got lucky and I really needed to close down every other application to focus my attention. She was tough, and it really could have turned out with her advancing to the next round instead. GG LJ, thanks very much.

So I'm onto the next round, where I will be playing the winner of Schaubs vs PercentileDoom. Good luck guys...


lj said...

gg and congrats. but omg did you butcher those hand histories!! the KK v. 99 was first hu match, and it lasted 8 hands. second one lasted 18, and i bet out on all three streets, including an overbet of the pot on the river which you called w/ the straight.

we did get all in w/ AK v. AA, but it was not too far into the third match, and we played for ages after.

SubZero said...

Cheers LJ: I have revised the blog, it all happened so fast at the time! Thanks again for a great game...