Monday, December 03, 2007

Call for help...

Another weekend, and another 1.5k dropped. Honestly don't know what's happened to my game of late, but my bank roll still isn't bouncing back since I donked off 10k in September. November turned out to be just under break even. I suppose after losing 10k break even is great news! This doesn't feel like my game is turning around though, and I highly doubt December will see me winning significant figures.

I'm trying really hard to get my mind focussed only on making correct decisions, and I am recognising several areas to work on each time I play. My last session though, I didn't make any big mistakes, just a few medium sized ones but I still managed to lose 2x $2/4 buyins. Read a really good post on the subject of bucking a bad run (thanks cmitch) but I didn't feel there was anything there that I haven't already been thinking. Maybe it's more a question of what I'm doing than what I'm thinking....

Anyway, have posted my pokertracker stats for the past 2 weeks (2.5k hands) below, would be grateful if anyone could tell me what changes I might benefit from making. Please do tell if anything obvious jumps out...

VP$IP 26.07
PF Raise % 15.11
C-Bet % 71.33
AF Flop 6.62
AF Turn 7.16
AF River 1.78
Went To SD 19.68
Att. to Steal Blinds % 37.35
Won % at SD 49.66

In the meantime it's back to $1/2 while I regroup. I have recently heard that the Party tables are teeming with fish, and since Party have generously given me a free £25 to play with, I figure now is a good time to build a new roll there: will keep you posted. Thanking you in advance for your help and advice....


seymour cards said...

hey subzero,

good luck at the $1/2 tables.

just wondering if you wanted to do a link swap.

have added you up

may the flop be with you

Honest said...

I think the gap between VPIP and PFR is too big. If you're playing 26% of hands, I'd want to see you raising at least 20% of them. As you're struggling for form though I'd recommend tightening up and playing something more like 19/16 or thereabouts. Less tricky decisions, less variance, more time to focus on playing good poker.

Ideally aggression by street should decrease, but 2.5k hands isn't that many for getting an accurate picture of AFs so maybe there's nothing much to read into these. Plenty of aggression on the flop is a good thing though.

C-Bet % is good imo. Mine's probably closer to 80, but anything between 65 and 80 is solid I think.

Att to steal blinds is fairly high (when I'm playing anyone above 30% I resteal quite a bit from the blinds), but if it's working then no problem. Do you get played back a lot?

Went to SD and Won at SD seem fine.

SubZero said...

Yes, I do get played back a bit (once for every 5 button/cutoff raises), but the decision between folding and reraising (occasionally calling) always seems simple depending on my hand strength and my opponents tendencies.

Thanks for the tips, will post again in a few weeks with the latest values for comparison.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Again, this is 6 max right? Because otherwise, VP$IP seems high. If things aren't working, there's no shame in tightening up a little.

I disagree completely with what Honest said. Ideally, agression by street should NOT decrease. If anything, it should increase. Now don't get me wrong. Mine doesn't increase. But if we're talking ideal, the turn and the river is where you should be applying extra pressure or value betting. There are soooooo many cbet donkeys that shuts down on the turn and the river. It's not unusual for me to float the flop bet these days just to take it away on the turn or the river because everyone cbets all the time. I think you can lower your cbet, increase your AF in later streets and still see a good uptick in your profit. But everyone has their style. If you want to control the pot size, then you have to be doing that on every street and I don't mean checking. I just mean that your cbet % doesn't have to be so high, the amount could be about half pot but don't control pot size by shutting down on the turn and the river. Once people start noticing that, they will kill you on the later streets.

Faye said...
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SubZero said...

Hmmm, food for thought for sure. I will have a play with keeping up the aggression on all streets, but making my flop cbets less than 2/3 - full pot size....