Friday, December 07, 2007

What a difference.... a drop makes

So following the decidedly poor weekend results, I followed cmitch's example and went back to basics, playing $1/2 tables exclusively. So far I have won 3 of the 4 sessions I've played, and the losing session can be directly attributed to getting allin with AKs against AKs and facing that statistical blip where the result does not include a chop! I did actually make a one or 2 small mistakes in that session which I think stopped me from breaking even, but other than that it was just bad luck.

And that's all that has stopped me from clearing 1k in four days. I really feel I have rediscovered my A-game, and have been playing really good poker. Am still working through the deluge of advice and suggestions received on my last post (come on reader's, I know you're out there!) but in general it seems statistically I'm not doing too much wrong of late, so will keep working on my game and will post my figures again at the end of the month.

While I'm thinking of dates, I have only 40 days left of work before I throw in the towel and fall happily into the ample arms of unemployment. Given my sporadic recent results, I will be taking regular reviews of my playing performance, and will definitely be keeping my eyes out for any marketing/advertising jobs of interest.

Will leave you with my 'VNH of the Week' (see Smart Money for the original Muppet of the Day). This happened just last night, but really didn't bother me. Maybe something from The Poker Mindset has sunk in and I no longer get emotionally involved in pots. Anyway, enjoy....

Hero is at seat 1 with $779.05. <--- table captain. check my massive stack!

Villain is at seat 4 with $183.80. <--- terrible player I've stacked twice already

XXXX posts the small blind of $1.
Hero posts the big blind of $2.
Hero: Ac As
Villain: -- --

Pre-flop: XXXX folds. XXXX folds.
Villain calls. XXXX folds. XXXX folds.
Hero raises to $14. <--- extra large raise to mix things up, and I'm out of position

Villain calls. <--- could have literally anything

Flop (board: Kd 8c Tc):
Hero bets $29. Villain goes all-in for $169.80.
Hero calls. <--- know he has anything from a flush draw (and I have the Ac) to bottom pair 7 kicker

Turn (board: Kd 8c Tc Js):
(no action in this round)

River (board: Kd 8c Tc Js 8s):
(no action in this round)

Villain shows 7d 9c. <--- nice allin with your OESD

Villain has 7d 9c 8c Tc Js: straight, jack high. <----VNH sir!

Hero mucks cards. (Hero has Ac As.)

Hand #48599063-4296 Summary: Villain wins $365.10 with straight, jack high.

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