Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All quiet on the blogging front....

Since everyone went off to Vegas the world has become quiet and deserted. And when I say everyone, I meant those fortunate few bloggers (Schaubs, Fuel, Alan etc.) who organised themselves to meet out there. And by the world, I meant the cyber-world of poker blogs. So in actual fact, the only thing that has changed for me is that no-one has written any new posts in the last week, and that's not exactly a major change to the world as we know it. Still, it means that the last few days of work have been borrrrrrrrrrring and I really wish I was over in Vegas with them, joining is as they share a few drinks, a few stories, a few games of poker, and have a grand old time doing it. But hey, whatever guys, I'll just stay here in freezing cold London and think about all the xmas shopping that I haven't yet started. Yup, when I stop to think about it, I hate you guys :- P

On a brighter note, discovered I have 2 more days holiday left to spend before I finish work, so have arranged for a few 3-day weekends in January which I'm already looking forward to. Just got given Halo2 for the Xbox and feel the need to dedicate some of my life getting intimately acquainted with one of the most eagerly awaited games of the last 5 years. Probably end up just playing poker though lol.

Anyway, shout out to all my virtual friends in the blogging/poker world, hope you're all having fun in your respective parts of the world. More terrible $1/2 play shown below, will post something more poker-y sometime soon....

VNH of the Weekend:

$1/2 NLHE on UB

Hero is at seat 0 with $212.10.
UncleRickB is at seat 1 with $119.35.
Villain1 is at seat 3 with $183.
<--- terrible chaser Villain2 is at seat 4 with $48.80. <--- shortstack monkey crackinbanks is at seat 5 with $193.25.
The button is at seat 5.

Hero posts the small blind of $1.
UncleRickB posts the big blind of $2.
Hero: Td Th
UncleRickB: -- --
Villain1: -- --
Villain2: -- --
crackinbanks: -- --
Villain1 calls. Villain2 raises to $9.
crackinbanks folds. Hero re-raises to $31.
<--- know I'm most likely ahead of both opponents and want to squeeze out villain1 UncleRickB folds. Villain1 calls. <--- what on earth is he limp calling such a massive rr with??
Villai2 goes all-in for $48.80. Hero calls. Villain1 calls.

Flop (board: 5c 8s 7c):
Hero goes all-in for $163.30. <--- know I’m ahead on this flop
Villain1 goes all-in for $134.20.
<--- can’t fold now…. Hero is returned $29.10 (uncalled).

Turn (board: 5c 8s 7c 4h):
(no action in this round)

River (board: 5c 8s 7c 4h 2d):
(no action in this round)

Hero shows Td Th.
Hero has Td Th 5c 8s 7c: a pair of tens.
Villain1 shows 6d 5d.
<--- great call preflop (24bb on 65s) Villain1 has 6d 5d 8s 7c 4h: straight, eight high.
Villain2 shows Ah Kh.
Villain2 has Ah Kh 5c 8s 7c: ace high.

Hand #48599349-4028 Summary:
Villain1 wins the main pot $146.23 with straight, eight high.
<--- VNH sir Villain1 wins the side pot $268.07 with straight, eight high. <--- again, VNH sir


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'm not sure what your read is based on but I'm actually shocked that you thought your TT was good on that flop. Especially when the initial limper calls, that generally screams of a pocket pair and quite possibly a fairly high one. Of course, the fact that he didn't reraise could mean that he doesn't have that high of a pocket pair but then when the flop comes all low, I can't think of a single hand that your tens are ahead of. Turns out you were but again, I was just surprised by that read. This was 6 max right? Maybe that's more passable at 6 max but I'm pretty sure I'd be hating that flop.

SubZero said...

A fair comment, but given the read/image of the player in question, I thought I was most likely ahead of his range.
Then again, I'm still learning so I don't deny I could have played it better....