Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas = no poker???

Don't understand it. I thought christmas would see me sat down playing loads of NLH against loads of terrible players, drunk on homemade egg-nog and excessive festive cheer. The reality sees me running round doing lots of last minute xmas shopping and going out for meals with friends, work mates, and almost-family members. Maybe next week I'll have the time to play each night and hopefully make a killing, but since I will be spending both the 25th and the 26th with Faye's family, I'm beginning to suspect that it's not the most likely scenario.

They say that christmas is 'a time for giving', I just think it's a shame they don't qualify that to 'a time for giving punishment to the NLH fish'. Then I'd have a good excuse to dodge all these social niceties and play plenty of poker. Actually, given my results of late, maybe 'giving punishment' is a bit too confident, but I'll stick with it. After all, I gotta stay hopeful....
So, once again I don't have much to report poker wise. I played a little bit over the weekend, but suffered from a cruel deck mostly, where I got several lovely made hands on the flop, but things quickly went wrong from then on in. Doesn't bother me too much, but sure would enjoy going on a quick rush before the New Year. Please santa?

The real highlight of the weekend was watching Barton Fink (the first Coen brothers film) for the first, which I enjoyed tremendously and which was in keeping with their trademark motif of an incredible story involving several suberb characters in very simple settings. The other highlight was playing Halo2. I must have spent around 6 hours playing it on Sunday, and have spent every spare minute of the day playing it since (much to Faye's annoyance). It's a tough situation, and I won't lie to you. If you have a girlfriend, Halo2, and an absence of discipline, it can get ugly. Real ugly. Think carefully before getting involved!

Anyway, happy xmas to all of you in case I don't post again, hope you all enjoy your holidays wherever you are, and please stay safe. Remember kids, don't drink and drive!

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