Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cannot connect. Error 10061

Sometimes being a geek is painful. I spent over 2 hours the other night setting up a wireless router for my laptop and my PC. The installation program said it would take 20 minutes. The laptop was a piece of cake, but my PC was having none of it. Connecting to the router was easy, but try as I might I couldn't get on the web. I had to resort to pinging a foreign IP address to find the nature of my problems (which was a first for me), and then searching the web (on the laptop) to find the cause. Luckily I'm quite determined and managed to jump through the necessary hoops to get to the solution, and found out some program I don't even use was causing all my woe. Damn you ZoneAlarm!!!
Anyway, it's all fixed now and once again I can happily browse the web while on the throne.... :- o

No real news poker wise, having been playing really due to aforementioned technical difficulties and also social commitments like being taken for dinner and having a mate round to watch Transformers. It was just as awesome the second time around, marred only slightly by a scratched DVD which meant we had to skip 15 minutes. Apart from that though, the only thing I've been watching recently is Battlestar Galactica. For those of you who like sci-fi, or for those of you who simply enjoy an engaging, exciting, thought-provoking television series, I couldn't recommend BG more strongly. The characters, plot, twists and action are all first rate, and I'm very excited about soon starting season 4 which is just coming out now. I was hooked after watching an hour of the pilot episode, and I'm now nearing the end of season 3 only a month later. Do yourself a favour, and start watching it. Available from all good torrent search engines ;- )

Will update again soon with more poker content, and hopefully it will be more positive given I've only got a few months before trying to make a living from it.....


Gnome said...

BSG rules. You'll like the made-for TV BSG movie, "Razor," that aired for the first time on Saturday.

SubZero said...

Cheers mate, was wondering why that name kept popping up during my search for season 3 torrents! Will definitely check it out after I finish the 4th season and need another BSG fix!