Monday, November 05, 2007

A welcome return

Wow, it's amazing what a difference a week makes. I feel prepared once again to take on the (poker) world, thanks to the changes I've made to my game courtesy of my poker guru Steve: if you're reading this buddy, you can add another 'IOU big time' to the list. Thanks my friend.
Of course, I did make a few changes of my own, and services rendered won't stop me playing hard against him if we ever sit down together, but hopefully the online world is big enough for the both of us!

So now my sessions are once again all finishing in the black, I'm looking to the future. Tourneys, PLO, and NLHE will all be in there, as well as a foray into a world without commuting, without business dress, and without a boss. Obviously I've been discussing things lots with my girlfriend, and whether there is much future mileage in this diversionary 'career' remains to be seen, but I'm definitely going to give it my all to find out.

I've always wanted to be a true student of the game, and after my years of learning, reading and practice, I feel now is the time to take my shot. Life is pretty stable presently, and I feel motivated to take full advantage of any opportunities that come my way. I don't plan on getting to 40 and wishing I'd taken a shot back when I had a chance: so, my time is now. Maybe after 30 I'll get a 'real' job again....

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Wait, so are you gonna share that with us or what!? :)