Friday, November 16, 2007

Poor play

Have been reviewing my play and recently it has been far from pretty. I have found that I am not playing according to simple rules that I know ensure results. Rules like don't always c-bet, even in position. Like don't bluff the turn or river when playing $1/2. Don't lead at pots as a c-bet when out of position. And don't call c-bets on dangerous boards with weak draws - in fact, don't call any bets with weak draws! This just illustrates how badly I've been playing, and I need to fix up and get my play back to being consistently good.

So, my new points of focus are:
  • don't play pots out of position without a preflop re-raise or a multiway pot
  • don't play multiway pots without a multiway-hand like a PP or suited-connector
  • play more pots in position by raising instead of limping
  • make a play at pots only in position
  • check and fold rather than check and call

On a happier note, I ran into cmitch briefly on a table at FTP and said hello. He was very potite and chatted with me briefly before leaving the table. I think he was a bit scared to be facing the might Sub_zero666, but then again he had more than doubled his buyin and was probably bored.

Anyway, gonna hit the tables now so catch you soon....


cmitch said...


It was good playing with you. I couldn't chat too much b/c I was playing 6 tables and had to leave shortly after you joined the table.

SubZero said...

No problem, it was just really fun to finally see a known blogger at one of my tables! Been waiting for ages for it to happen...