Thursday, January 03, 2008

Words fail me... (or Pre55to blows)

Just had a terrible session on the tables. I was losing to runner-runners left, right, and centre. Was hitting sets, even with AA, but either not getting paid or getting 2/3 pot bets called by turned OESDs, which of course hit on the river. In the following hand from FTP, the money all went in on the flop. Only 3 cards in the deck prevented me from scooping the lot. The turn kindly provided one of them.

So, I ran the odds on this one, and I was only 81.5% favourite. The short stack of course had no outs....


Fuel55 said...

And I thought presto was gold?

Amatay said...

sickness m8, ul.
my email addy is btw if u cant send me that PT thing cheers. Also add me to your msn contacts if u want