Friday, January 18, 2008

Muppet of the week

This fine specimen was found early on a friday night, swimming lazily in the FTP waters.

He was short-stacked (a common feature on these creatures) and called my allin on the flop with only high cards, only one of which was live. Of course, my nut flush draw fails to arrive, and the river delivers one of his 2 outs:

VNH sir! $160 to the inspirational "thelocman" please!

The runner up for this weeks prize was the following individual who not only deemed A8o strong enough to call a preflop re-raise, but also decided that TPTK was enough to call allin with on an 8 high flop. The turn was kind enough to deliver one of the 5 remaining cards which could save him.

VNH sir. $199 to the redoubtable "justin3299" please dealer...


ROSSI said...

Alright Sub

just checking i hadnt received your muppet of the week award.. LOL as we have been on the same tables the last few days (N Ross on FTP).
I had some biff call my PF re-raise with 6Ts and got all the money in on the (i had AA) he had nothing and hit runner-runner flush for a $430 pot.
Definately a lot of fish at $1/$2, how did you find the move upto $2/$4??

SubZero said...

Hey Rossi, was wondering why N Ross seemed familiar!

Well I can't say about $2/4 on FTP cos I've never made it to that level! On UB, VC and PP though it the jump was characterized by slightly more aggression on all streets, and more players playing a wider range of hands.

I lost a fair few pots to unbelievable holdings like 97o and K4s before working the last one out...