Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Onwards and upwards

Things are still going well poker wise, and that's pretty lucky given that I've only another 12 days left of work. I really can't wait to see if I can "cut the mustard" as a pro, but even if it turns out that I can't I will just find a job, keep poker as a profitable hobby and be happy that I took my shot at making a living from a game that I love. Basically I'm pretty psyched.

Been playing a little bit of low stakes PLO in the last few days, and it's so much fun! A good reminder of how poker used to be for me, when every hand was a brand new situation, and the brain is working overtime just to recognise all the variables at work in each. Think I will continue to play it as the games (although scarcer) seem very weak, with lots of people chasing non-nut draws and playing terribly weak hands in all positions.

Been trying to find a good rakeback site to provide me with rakeback at Ultimate Bet, but only managed to find as able to help. Has anyone heard of or used this site? Or have any better recommendations? I also want to try out PKR (that 3D animated site that is heavily advertised all over the www) and would like to get a rakeback account on there before I make a deposit, so does anyone know of a good rakeback site for PKR also?

Alan has recently been posting about his experiences at playing 6 max NLHE. As he mentions, aggression is markedly increased at these tables and to stay afloat your own aggression must be correspondingly increased. Resteals are common from the blinds. Re-re-steals even occur a few times. Strong draws must be aggressively pushed, and strong draws are rarely folded when counter-aggression is encountered. That said, a good player must still know when to run, or when to push it in. I was playing a 6 max game myself the other night which nicely illustrates what can regularly happen:

A very aggressive player was in the cutoff when he put in a raise. Both the button and the SB called, as did I with AcTc. The flop came down Ts 8c 5c and I immediately said to myself "That's it, I'm going to war with this hand". We both checked to the cutoff, who bet the pot, which was his standard move. The button and the SB promptly folded, and I min-raised to $44, hoping to slow my opponent down and see a turn. He moved allin instead for another $180. This screamed weak/draw to me, so with my TPTK and nut flush draw I made the call, knowing at worse I was 30% but was far more likely a strong favourite against this very active player.

He turned over QcJc for a flush draw, gutshot and 2 overcards, normally a monster draw but against my AcTc he was only 28% (9 outs). Even if he had a real hand (QQ or KK) that he was trying to protect, I would have had plenty of outs. As it was though, he didn't catch up and I took the pot.

Just goes to show that when you think you have a good draw, you have to be prepared to go down with it at a 6 max table. There's no way you can profitably call such an allin at a full ring game, at least without an extremely specific read IMO.

Brain teaser: 6 max NLHE. You are in the BB with TT. The cutoff raises, the button calls and you call. Are you more likely to hit a fullhouse on a flop of Tx Jx Ax, or on a flop of Tx 3x 6x???


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I had no idea you were serious about going pro. Good luck man. I am gonna live vicariously through you.

I have no idea about the teaser. If it's a teaser, I'm guessing I'm wrong but my answer is Tx3x6x because if cutoff raises and button calls, there's a good chance two higher cards are taken?

SubZero said...

Bingo, nice work, that answer is correct!
And thanks for the support, will keep you updated on how I get on...

AnguilA said...

I thought it wouldn't be that easy! I was thinking there must be some kind of trap!

After my two scores have given me some nice bankroll I can't stop thinking what it would be like to become pro, but for the moment I don't have the guts to pull it off...let's hope you make a nice living off this wonderful game!

SubZero said...

My fingers will definitely be crossed! Not sure if I'm being brave so much as foolish... but we'll see in time I guess.

Just wanted to give it a shot now while I'm able, and I've got a backup plan of finding a 'real' job if it all goes south!

Thanks mate.

Klopzi said...

SubZero -

I've only just started working my way through your posts having recently added you to my list of must-read blogs.

If you're still looking for rakeback (though I'm sure you've figured this out by now), I highly recommend RakeTheRake.

If you sign up with them and let them know that I referred you (account number RTR03302), it's true that I'd make some money - though none of it comes out of your end.

I've been with RTR for two and a half years and they are, by far, the most honest, hard-working, and most trustworthy rakeback site out there.

This sounds like a sales pitch, I know, but I want you to know that I think they're great.

In any case, I look forward to following you on your new career path. I'm jealous...