Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What to expect as a Pro

I emailed my friend last week to ask him how his life had changed since he turned pro a year ago. His reply was the lists of pros and cons copied below, along with a list of advice that he would offer anyone who wants to do likewise (i.e. me). I read through the lists, and thought about how each would impact me. My comments follow each point in the lists....


  • I never get up before 9 - think I'll usually getup at a normal time since I won't be doing the midnight thing and my gf will be up at 730 each day
  • I don't have to pretend to care about a whole host of crap that you need to in an office environment - can't wait for this to be true!
  • flexible hours - this is useful, but largely I'll be working 7 hours every day, with maybe a small shift either Friday night or Saturday
  • no commute - again, can't wait
  • for the most part I love my job - I sincerely hope I will still feel that way in a years time
  • I don't have to tell people I work in IT - I'm looking forward to doing something unconventional, and to hell with the haters!
  • feel like I could make a LOT of money doing this eventually - I too share this opinion, and am prepared to work pretty damn hard to try and realise this goal
  • I get to laugh at everyone who pays tax - this will be pleasant, not to mention stopping payments to my lousy student loan....

Unhappy with:

  • don't see any hotties during the day. not in real life at least - not really a concern given my marital status, and won't be a massive drop from the amount I see in an IT office....
  • people think you have an easier ride than you do, and no-one is really symapthetic when you're losing - that's why us pros have to stick together, through thick and thin!
  • miss the human contact of the office - given that I work in IT, I don't really get that much out of any 'human contact' at work. And since I'll be continuing with sports/hobbies, will get my fix through friends in those areas in addition to seeing my lovely lady every day


  • get ready for the beats. they hurt a lot more, and you need to be twice as immune to them! - I've done as much playing as possible to maximise my exposure to bad beats, and feel I've come a long way in getting used to them. I'm still not prepared fully, but with a bit of common sense and determination I will hopefully avoid major tilt.
  • make sure you don't blame too much on bad luck. I pulled the wool over my own eyes for a long time before I finally fixed up, changed a few things, and plugged some leaks. your game usually isn't as good as you think it is - Sound advice. I will continue to analyse my performance even while playing well, and constantly be looking for leaks. I plan to spend at least an hour every day studying in on form or another before I start to play to get my brain in gear
  • join cardrunners, watch all the videos - This will form part of my studying
  • read 2+2 forums. so much good strategy in there - This will form another part
  • learn to love Pokertracker/PAHUD. it's the best thing ever - More sound advice. After I consolidate my PT databases I plan to regularly review my stats and keep on top of note-taking on opponents on all sites I play at
  • befriend players at your limit who are better than you and try and discuss hands with them on AIM etc. - Very very good advice. There are lots of clever and friendly players out there willing to share their thoughts. For those who don't blog, some will post on forums. For those who don't post, some will chat. For those who don't chat, just watch and learn....
  • GET IN THE POKER HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Don't worry my friend, I'm gonna be right down there with you!


Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...


I just found your blog. This is one of the best posts I have ever read on a poker blog.

Two quick comments

When is your goal to play as a full time pro?

Also, I know you mentioned Cardrunners but have you given anythought to Stoxpoker? I absolutely loved this site. I haven't ever been a member of Cardrunners but I hear Stox poker updates more also. There very "classroom videos" are worth their weight in pure gold in my opinion.

I'll be back,

SubZero said...

Hello Jackie. I'm turning pro in the first week of Feb with luck.
Haven't heard much about stoxpoker, but if it's good I will surely get involved (time permitting).

Best of luck at the tables....

Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...


my last post made no sense. I was trying to say that Stoxpoker has a series of "Classroom videos" which are worth their weight in gold. These are videos that go from basic to advanced (there are several over my head) with people like Ed Miller and they show you examples of theoryy at the table. I find watching the video easier to understand then reading books. Of course they have the resident pros also that play various stakes and you get to watching them play and discuss their decisions and the like.

Sorry just had to clarify, after I reread what I had typed. I was in a hurry earlier.

All the best,

SubZero said...

OK, thanks for clearing that up. Might check it out when I next have some spare time.

You sure your name isn't Mr Jackie
O'Plug? ;-)

Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

LOL.. Yeah, I thought about that after that last post. I didn't mean to plug it so strongly but I have been impressed with that site so far.

My apologies if I seemed over the top.


SubZero said...

Lol no sweat, enthusiasm is a rare and valuable quality!

Was just reading about it on another blog actually, so will definitely be looking into it soon as I'm home from work....