Thursday, April 03, 2008


Monona ($3/6 No Limit Hold'em)

Cadogan is at seat 0 with $441.
lvnoffsklskyb is at seat 1 with $735.20.
sugardaddy2 is at seat 2 with $353.50.
winner_16 is at seat 3 with $282.95.
Incrediboy is at seat 4 with $595.
Hata19 is at seat 5 with $812.45.
The button is at seat 5.

Cadogan posts the small blind of $3.
lvnoffsklskyb posts the big blind of $6.

lvnoffsklskyb: -- --
Cadogan: -- --
<--- rated by MPI at -1.09 (above average)

sugardaddy2: -- --
winner_16: -- -- <--- total fish I was after, rated -44.33
Incrediboy: Tc Jc
Hata19: -- --

sugardaddy2 folds. winner_16 raises to $12.
Incrediboy calls.

Was happy to call the min-raise of the fish, and any possible re-raise with a strong SC in position.

Hata19 folds. Cadogan re-raises
to $54. lvnoffsklskyb folds. winner_16 folds.
Incrediboy calls.
This struck me as a typical squeeze play, so not necessarily a sign of premium cards.

Flop (board: Ah 8s Qc):

Cadogan bets $84. Incrediboy raises to $189.
This 3/4 lead on the pot was really fast, so I immediately pegged it as a c-bet bluff. Liking my double gutshot, I though I would shut him down now with a raise of $100.

Cadogan goes all-in for $387.
I was nearly sick when he pushed. My read was obviously miles off, and this guy must have at least TPTK, or more likely 2 pair. The pot was $700 after my ill-advised raise, and it was $200 more to call. I noted my backdoor flush draw to go with my 8 outs, and decided I was just getting the odds to call against his probable range. I was kicking myself hard and praying for a miracle as I moved my mouse to the call button....

Incrediboy calls.

Turn (board: Ah 8s Qc 6c):
A Club! Come on! King Nine or Club, King Nine or Club, King.....

River (board: Ah 8s Qc 6c 2s):
Nothing. No help. I'd just wasted $450 of my hard won dollars on a stupid suited connector. I was so mad at myself, especially as I'd been playing well all morning at the $1/2 and $2/4 tables.

Cadogan shows 4s 7c.
Cadogan has 7c Ah 8s Qc 6c: ace high.
Incrediboy shows Tc Jc.
Incrediboy has Tc Jc Ah 8s Qc: ace/queen high.

Hand #51980883-5373 Summary:
Incrediboy wins $897 with ace high!!!!!!
To say I nearly died of shock is to glibly summarise the numbing disbelief and total confusion I experienced when I saw the chips come my way. I thought my eyes had failed me, that I'd misread the board somehow. Then I saw that I'd won Ace-high, and I realised that my opponent too had been bluffing. It was just a supremely happy stroke of luck his bluff was inferior to mine! And just like that, I had a new favourite hand... ;- )


AnguilA said...

I would nominate Cadogan for the Worst Play of the Month award...did he really think he had folding equity there or 7-high is a powerful had in his book?

Keep finding these fish and you'll be rich soon!

nemo said...

lol wow... i wish there was fish like that in my games. Cadogan is clearly a fool.

Fuel55 said...

Some of these fish 4 or 5-bet instead of folding. But in this case you cant folding anything given teh stack sizes.

Gnome said...

Dumb question: What is MPI? Link?

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

a thing of beauty.

SubZero said...

For Gnome and anyone else who was wondering:
MPI is MyPokerIntel, a subscription player ranking tool for the patrons of Ultimate Bet.

Worth every cent, believe me....