Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Just a quick post of my stats since I started as a pro:

Total hands: 79k

Vol.Put$InPot: 21.17

PreFlopRaise: 15.91

Agg.Factor PreFlop: 2.6

Agg.Factor Flop: 5.3

Agg.Factor Turn: 4.5

Agg.Factor River: 2.4

BB/100 hands: 3.14

If anyone would like to suggest things I should change (other than increasing the BB/100 score!) I'd be very interested to hear from you. I'm thinking that my river aggression is a little lacking, but I'm not sure I want to become a bigger target for check-raises when the pot is really big and I am usually bluffing ;- )

As an interesting aside, I saw that I have paid over $1200 in bad beat contributions on UB, and been rewarded with exactly $0 in wins! Guess I'm just not very (un)lucky...

Still planning on a strategy post, it's on it's way I assure you. Gonna be a big one though I think, so in keeping with tradition I'm putting it off as long as possible! Hope all is well in the real world, was going to leave you with a reminder of what things can be like in mine but the HH has disappeared. Basically I had a great hand, got allin against a fish, lost to a runner-runner straight yada yada yada etc.

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Honest said...

Numbers are looking good dude.. would like to see the PFR up to maybe 18 or 19, but that's nitpicking. Definite improvement on the old limper I used to know ;)

Aggression on all streets looks solid to me.

Play more hands tho, I'm rocking about 3k a day now :P