Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well yesterday wasn't the greatest start to the new half. In fact, you could say it 'sucked ass', an American phrase I believe which neatly captures my sentiments. It started off badly on FTP, with me losing 3 allins with overpairs to JJ, KK, and KJ, with the latter being allin after the flop of QTx. Then a few coinflips didn't go my way, my play got worse, and before I knew it I had been playing over 5 hours straight and was down 3k.

It's still really annoying suffering such bad days, even though I'm much more comfortable knowing I can make it back. I think it's worse though in some ways, because I should be able to recognise bad play/tilt sooner and stop playing before I lose a chunk of the bankroll.

Anyway, back on track now and taking things slowly, am going to try and stick with short controlled sessions, because I just don't play that well otherwise. Wish me luck....


Boo said...

Good Luck :)


Egarim said...

I used to have this problem a lot in the past. I find that if I end up going past about 3 hours straight, it is usually because I'm stuck. Also, I'm definitely not playing my best during this time. So, I think it's good to always take a break after 2-3 hours, no matter how good you think the games are. Also, I always try to quit the minute I notice myself tilting or even when I see something that I feel is going to tilt me. Yesterday I took a sick beat and then I get KK into AA. Then in the next two rounds I 3-bet KK with no action and everyone folds around to my AA in the big blind. After that, I knew I had to quit despite the fact that I had yet to tilt, and it was still early in the session.

SubZero said...

Thanks Boo. And thanks for the sound advice Egarim, you're absolutely right and I will be a better player for heeding it.

I think if I make it my routine to play sensibly then I will more easily be able to react correctly the moment I start to tilt. That's what I will aim for anyhow.