Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Worries in the Dance

This morning promised a beautiful example of an English summer day, and the sun on my face felt as good as the fresh air as I walked through Green Park on my way to work this morning. However, my thoughts were troubled somewhat by a brief conversation with my younger brother just last night. I hadn't spoken to him for a while and was asking him how he was doing at work, he told me it was fine then calmly asked me what was the name of site I used to play poker. Cue alarm bells.

I instantly told him that he shouldn't play and that it was an easy way to lose a lot of money quickly. He said that he didn't want to stop as he liked to play, and assured me he only put on £10 each week to play. I confirmed that I played on VC, and advised him if had to play then to do so with play chips which many sites allow. He told me he already played with VC, and helpfully informed me that the site was 'rigged'. Cue alarm bells, long and loud.

How on earth does one even start to respond to that comment? Despite being 24, my little brother has still lots of growing up to do, and is still a very emotionally unstable individual at the best of times, firmly believing that no-one can understand him or anything he's been through.... in short, the worst person possible to get into gambling. And his older brother? Working for a big company in the capital earning a decent wage, enjoying life and making no attempt to hide a serious devotion to NLHE poker where he seems to be winning lots of money. What sort of example did he think he was setting? Did he think that no-one would take any notice?

I think from now on I should clutch my little obsession much tighter to my chest, and not give anyone any ideas about getting into gambling. It's similar to smoking in front of children: you can tell them not do it 24-7, but if they know you are doing it they are going to want to try.

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