Friday, August 04, 2006

Had a bad night poker-wise last night. Left work after staying behind an extra 2 hours, so was mentally exhausted when I sat down an opened a new 2-4 table. I bought in for the full 400 as always, and someone sat down with another 400 for some hu action. We played back and forth for a few hands and were even when I got dealt AJ in the SB. Now, I had just picked up the phone and was mind conversation with my girlfriend so my full attention was not on the table but this did not immediately affect my play. After he completed, I limped, hoping of course to see an A and then make a little from my aggressive opponent. The flop came AA6 rainbow, and I quickly bet out 2/3 pot hoping it would look like like my typical steal, and thereby eliminate any thought I might actually have an A. My opponent quickly called, which was perfect. At this point I put him on some high cards, maybe a 6 or maybe even a mid pair. The turn was an 8, and I checked, hoping to induce a bluff. He bets pot, and I min raise, hoping to build the pot for the river but not minding if I take it down now. He calls.
Now at this point I should have been getting suspicious, but I couldn't statistically warrant him with an A (strong or otherwise), or having flopped (or turned) a full house. However he definitely thought he had a real hand, and it was only because I'd hidden my strong A so well that he was still in the pot, which was now about $100. And, as mentioned, I was on the phone. >:-/
Anyway the river was a K. I check, he bets 50, I take it to 100, he goes allin for about 250 more, and I call.
He takes the pot, but he did not flop OR turn the full house. And as suspected he didn't have an A. That's right, I got suckered by a miracle river for a beautifully hidden KK. I still haven't figured out whether I played it badly or the result was bad only because of the way I played it. Comments welcome on that one!
A few points worth mentioning are: don't play when you can't give a game your full attention. An obvious point, but still one worth making. And being tired or emotionally drained (as conversations with partners can often be!) will only exacerbate the situation, so don't do it!!! The allin told me I was losing, and I ignored it. Yes he got pretty lucky (that's my phrase for 2 out's on the river) but that doesn't matter a bit when it means you lose everything when he hits.

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