Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" -Alexander Pope

Had a mediocre session this morning where I bluffed a bit too much and failed to make some key laydowns. Below is a hand that I messed up pretty badly, and feel I should have been able to at least minimise my losses if not let it go completely:

$2/4 Deep NLHE, 6 players

Hand Converter by the community

2SHORTY (SB): $782.30
NERWIN (BB): $212.40
HERO (UTG): $1,021.60
IM THE PUSHER (UTG+1): $806.50
MADHAND333 (Button): $1,846.50
Dealt to: HERO
HERO raises to $14, (1 folds), HAMAZRIYA3 calls $14, (3 folds),
Flop:($34) (2 Players)
HERO bets $24, HAMAZRIYA3 calls $24,
On the flop, after I get called in position my opponent (who is pretty ABC when deep) has either a set, pair and backdoor straight draw (like 56), OESD (78), Qx or a pair 66-JJ. He could be floating with AK but it's unlikely given the flat call preflop.
Turn: ($82) (2 Players)
HERO bets $48, HAMAZRIYA3 raises to $160, HERO calls $112,
When the turn arrives, I make a big mistake leading out. For pot control reasons alone, I should check call. But with the 6 that arrives making his 56 into 2 pair, hits a set for his 66, and makes his v unlikely 23 and 87 into the nuts. When he raises me at this point I think it's a fold, or a call with a check-fold on the river unless the board pairs the Q or the 4. His raise indicates that he has me beaten, and if I can't respond correctly when he does raise, then I should not be leading in this spot.

River: ($402) (2 Players)
HERO checks, HAMAZRIYA3 bets $325, HERO calls $325,
On the river nothing has really changed, I'm still losing to all the 2pair and set combinations, and the unlikely straights, and yet I still call off the big river bet. Not a good move, and will have to be much more sensible in similar spots in future.


HAMAZRIYA3 wins $1,048.50

Thats all for now folks...


Grog said...

Nah you still have to bet this turn he's going nowhere with any Q. Prolly a bet fold VS him though. man, everyone seems to have Hamza problems

SubZero said...

Lol yeah you're right, just so hard to do tho! Was the second time today I'd been floated by 66 unimp only to have them hit a set on the turn...
Still plenty of days still to turn things around!

Fun play online said...

oops, it was a tough one! I would have done the same though :S