Monday, September 17, 2007

Head Scratcher

Hand #45643546-44854 at Hope (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 16/Sep/07 18:19:08

skimpy posts the small blind of $3.
terminator16 posts the big blind of $6.
Incrediboy: 6s 6h
skimpy: -- --
terminator16: -- --
skynet1111: -- --
EzTheKid: -- --
djkaifa: -- --


skynet1111 calls. EzTheKid folds. djkaifa folds. Incrediboy raises to $27. skimpy calls. terminator16 calls. skynet1111 calls.

Flop (board: Ts 3d 6d):

skimpy checks. terminator16 bets $60. skynet1111 folds. Incrediboy raises to $160.50. skimpy folds. terminator16 calls.

Turn (board: Ts 3d 6d Js):

terminator16 checks. Incrediboy bets $429.
terminator16 goes all-in for $206.50. Incrediboy is returned $222.50 (uncalled).

River (board: Ts 3d 6d Js Qc):

(no action in this round)

Incrediboy shows 6s 6h.
Incrediboy has 6s 6h 6d Js Qc: three sixes.
terminator16 shows As Ks.
terminator16 has As Ks Ts Js Qc: straight, ace high.

Hand #45643546-44854 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $842.
terminator16 wins $839 with straight, ace high.

Was considering a stage by stage analysis of this hand, but it really speaks for itself.
The donkey in this case bet $60 on the flop, then called a $100 raise, when he had all of 5% chance of winning. On the turn, he improves dramatically: with a possible flush and straight he now has nearly 23% chance of winning. It is at this point, where he is nearly 1-in-4 to win, that he decides to call my allin for the rest of his stack.
Of course he hits on the river as fish are wont to do. So, 'terminator16', wherever you are, I salute you. I can't imagine a more preferable opponent.

Rant over.

Postscript ....analysing the numbers of the allin call, I found that my opponent's call was in fact correct. The pot was laying 1:3.1 odds on the call, and he was just over 1:4 to win. That said, he wouldn't have gotten those odds if he hadn't put $160 into the pot with 20:1 odds against him. So he's still a total donkey. Total. Donkey.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

The call on the flop by your opponent was gross even if he puts you on a hand like A-10 or something. By the turn, he was pretty much pot committed ($200 more to call for a pot of $600... 3:1). If he considered 9 outs to a flush and 3 more outs for a nonspade Q, 12 outs.. approx 26%. But then again, he had no business seeing the turn card.

SubZero said...

Thanks, spotted this after writing the post: such a great form of catharsis! Thank god I can analyse hands after I calm down...

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'm definitely not disputing the fact that he's a donkey. He forced himself to be committed with the way the hand progressed so that's still a donkish play. Those things could be so frustrating sometimes.