Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

Ok, so my last post for those who read it was pretty downbeat. I had a bad month, was playing poorly for a lot of it and my results were barely profitable as a consequence ($500 for the month - wtf??). So what was I doing wrong then, given that my first few months seemed so promising?

Well, obviously I wasn't playing well. I was calling raises with weak suited aces, limp calling with suited connnectors, and basically playing passive poker. Secondly, I was playing too high stakes on occasion, sitting down at a $5-10 game on several occasions which although very juicy, I was still unprepared for.

The other problem I noticed was that I wasn't controlling the pot size. After putting in a 3-bet with AK in position, every time I would cbet the flop unimproved I was getting check-raised and forced to relinquish almost a third of my stack. And playing usually at $2-4, that's about $140 each time.
And with such a swollen pot, those times I would hit TPTK I'd (more often than seemed fair) stack off to someone who hit their set.

So how to remedy my situation? Well, given that I desperately want to get back to the way things should be (with me beating the games consistently and growing the bankroll along with my ability), I've taken a short break from the game, decided to drop down to exclusively $1-2 NLHE, and I've joined cardrunners to give me another insight into the game. Along with studying my results on pokertracker, listening to cash plays, and with luck reading some quality poker blogs again I'm fervently hoping that I'm going to get back on track, and fast.

Things for me to remember for the future:

  • some hands you are doomed to lose, no matter how you play it

  • some hands you have to just let go, no matter how pretty they were preflop

  • some hands are like those girls with inviting smiles who are always down the pub: you just shouldn't touch them

Will leave you with a sick beat I took the other day after tightening up beyond belief trying to turn my results around (which nicely demonstrates the first bullet point above). We were allin on the flop of course.

Good luck at the tables people.


Gnome said...

Gl. You know it'll come back.
And even though you only won $500 on the month, at least you were up.

ROSSI said...

better been up than down. I am a member of cardrunners and to be honest every time i decide to watch the videos i end up f*cking my game up. Probably trying to change to much at once, especially as most of the guys on there are playing a LAG style.
On a further note i gave my mate who has just started playing poker a copy of your NL Pro rules that you posted a couple of months back. He is killing the $0.10/$0.25 6-max tables. In fact they are great for any $1/$2 player also, a lot of the concepts you talked about have helped my game also.
Good luck at the tables and dont change to much after watching the cardrunners vids.

SubZero said...

Cheers guys, I'm gonna just keep my head down and my nose to the grindstone, am hoping this is something I just have to work through.
Just had my first week of all losing sessions -brutal!