Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad beats => Bad play => Bad day

So today I had a losing session, over 2k dumped. Lots of it was my fault, and I think I was tilting towards the end, and I'm going to be really disappointed if it means this month I have 2 losing weeks, instead of the aimed-for none.

Playing fulltime is all about the mental stamina, and you have to take things like the following on the chin, and NOT let them affect your game. (I have no qualms on naming the following villain - his play deserves nothing less).

Demopolis ($2/4 No Limit Hold'em)

luna459 is at seat 0 with $542.50.
NEruffneck is at seat 1 with $412.30.
fdelpaso is at seat 2 with $124.65.
Incrediboy is at seat 3 with $390.
Kooox is at seat 4 with $779.90.
mrrussian is at seat 5 with $1096.55.
The button is at seat 4.

mrrussian posts the small blind of $2.
luna459 posts the big blind of $4.

Incrediboy: As Ad

NEruffneck raises to $14. fdelpaso re-raises to $24.
Incrediboy re-raises to $55. Kooox folds.
mrrussian folds. luna459 folds. NEruffneck calls.
fdelpaso goes all-in for $124.65. Incrediboy goes
all-in for $390. NEruffneck calls. <--- what the hell do you think you're up against????

Flop (board: Jc 6s 3c):

Turn (board: Jc 6s 3c Js):

River (board: Jc 6s 3c Js 2c):

Incrediboy shows As Ad.
Incrediboy has As Ad Jc 6s Js: two pair, aces and jacks.
NEruffneck shows Tc Kc.
NEruffneck has Tc Kc Jc 3c 2c: flush, king high.
fdelpaso shows Ks Kh.
fdelpaso has Ks Kh Jc 6s Js: two pair, kings and jacks.

Hand Summary:
NEruffneck wins the main pot $376.75 with flush, king high.
NEruffneck wins the side pot $530.40 with flush, king high.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and the weekend. Hope you're all faring better than I...


Fuel55 said...

How do you multitable? I tried the stack system - (you need to set the tables up manually the first time then save it as a format) - anyway i was max 6 tables before now in one day 12 tables isnt enough - i think i could handle 20-30 in this format since you hardly ever moved the mouse. A few little tips for accuracry required but pretty easy to pick up on

Pud's Poker said...

Jesus Christ! KTs! LMFAO!

I guess the donks exist higher up the food chain than I thought!