Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The pros of Pros

Just a quick update to my poker life: it's going well! I'm not managing as many hours as I'd like, but it's all going well when I do play. I am unfortunately still prone to making the odd donkey play but these days I'm much less likely to call the allins with my good but vulnerable hands and am feeling much better about detecting the difference between strength and aggression. My results continue to reflect this with the occasional losses surrounded by more frequent (and usually larger) wins. My average for this month seems to be in good shape, and I'm looking forward to hitting new bankroll targets.
My housemate has been playing full-time for his second week now, and is doing very well by all accounts. This of course has me thinking of adopting the career that is "a hard way to make an easy living", though of course this is not an easy decision and requires much more than a strong average win over several hundred hours of play. Am thinking it would be much easier to pursue acting, learning and teaching kungfu and anything else I take an interest in if I had the spare time and decent earnings I would hopefully gain from part-time play, but as I said it would require a lot more thought.
For now though, I'm just enjoying playing the game and not really having to worry about money now I can feel capable of beating the 2-4 games again….

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