Thursday, January 11, 2007

Grinding it out

Well, the odds still seem stacked against me. I made a great read on a 2-4 table, and still lost my stack when my opponent hit his 2-outer on the turn. Just goes to show, a great read isn't guaranteed to get you the money unless it's a read made at the river. Here was the hand:

Hand #37040033-90501 at Coquitlam (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 10/Jan/07 13:34:32

bibil23 is at seat 0 with $528.70.
zehnq is at seat 1 with $422.90.
canpeteman is at seat 2 with $391.
Sub__Zero is at seat 3 with $385.90.
lederer23 is at seat 4 with $1145.80.
Djersen is at seat 5 with $94.
The button is at seat 5.

bibil23 posts the small blind of $2.
zehnq posts the big blind of $4.
bibil23: -- --
zehnq: -- --
canpeteman: -- --
Sub__Zero: Ah Ac
lederer23: -- --
Djersen: -- --

canpeteman folds. Sub__Zero raises to $14.
lederer23 calls. Djersen folds. bibil23 folds.
zehnq calls.
Flop (board: 4s 2d 2c):

zehnq checks. Sub__Zero checks. lederer23 bets $44.
zehnq raises to $88. Sub__Zero calls. lederer23
Turn (board: 4s 2d 2c 8d):

zehnq bets $185. Sub__Zero goes all-in for $283.90.
lederer23 folds. zehnq calls.
River (board: 4s 2d 2c 8d 7d):

(no action in this round)

Sub__Zero shows Ah Ac.
Sub__Zero has Ah Ac 2d 2c 8d: two pair, aces and deuces.
zehnq shows 8c 8s.
zehnq has 8c 8s 2d 2c 8d: full house, eights full of deuces.
Hand #37040033-90501 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $875.80.
zehnq wins $872.80 with full house, eights full of deuces.

So the flop and the number of callers I quite like. Didn't think anyone was foolish enough to be playing with a 2, but decided the only likely person would be the BB. I reasoned that I was either miles ahead or horribly behind, so wanted to use the flop betting to tell me where I stood. The BB checked, and I checked behind. The button bets out, what I expected and hoped for. As he's betting pot, he doesn't have a monster like 44 (or and unlikely A2s), and is looking to take the pot down with his probable AQ unimproved. The BB min raises, and I know instantly he's got an overpair. Anything in the region of 55-JJ given the pre-flop action, though possibly a hidden KK or QQ. I know I'm 90% favourite now, so I call the reraise happily, and the button also calls (with decent odds in the now massive pot) hoping to catch an A or Q on the turn. At this point there's about $300 in the pot, and I only have $280 remaining, so I know I'm allin regardless. The turn is an 8, and the BB fires $185, as he would with any overpair. Knowing he was drawing at 2 outs, I reraise allin hoping he won't have hit by the river. He calls, and I find out he got lucky on the turn. Perfect play = stacked.

This seems to be the way of it at the moment, but my consolation lies in the fact that I played so well for an hour afterwards that I managed to eke a tiny profit for the session.


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