Friday, November 10, 2006

Respect the re-raise

That's all you have to do. Respect the re-raise. It's not difficult, it's not fancy, but it's a rule that will go a long way to guaranteeing success at the poker tables.

I've been playing a lot of poker these last few weeks and it seems to me the only time I lose a big pot is when I fail to respect the reraise. I don't know why I so often ignore that most obvious sign of danger, but I do know that as soon as I start to recognise and respond correctly I will have no problem consistently winning at poker.

I recently found myself calling a second allin reraise with TPJK! I had limped with AJ in the SB, and led out with a pot-sized bet on the A23 (2 Spades) flop from first position into 3 players. I got 2 folds and then a 150% reraise from the button. For some reason I told myself he was weak and was on a draw, so I prompty reraised him $100, telling myself I'd fold if he went allin. He went allin, and so what did I do? I called! He turned over his obvious set of 3s, and my hand went to my head in a rapid slapping movement. My hopes of winning rose briefly from zero when a J fell on the turn, but the river brought no miracle and I doubled my opponent up. Whoever they were, they must have been either scratching their head or laughing themselves silly at my play.

It is these sort of errors which are crippling my average and my bankroll, and the most frustrating thing is how easily avoidable they are.Have also suffered a few beats after making good allin calls, and these are not helping my play when it comes to pushing with a thin edge.

All of this said, I'm still really enjoying the game and each day I can't wait to get home and play. I am enjoying learning and practicing my skills, and am keenly aware that I'm very close to being very good, and if I can just overcome my innate aggressive tendencies and exercise slightly better judgement when thinking about calling an allin with TPJK then I will be well on my way to doing just fine. Also came across a very good play with KK that ended up stacking my QQ which I've included below, plus I think the best display of the true might that accompanies an allin with The Hammer! Enjoy.

Table Name Hand ID Game Stakes
Dumb and Dumber 10474841-130204 Holdem No Limit $2/$4
Seat 1 : petcash2 has $285.50
Seat 2 : Fedz has $564
Seat 3 : steve54555 has $317.75
Seat 4 : Mr_McDee has $160
Seat 5 : copiad has $886.27
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has $237.25
copiad is the dealer.
Sub_Zero posted small blind.
petcash2 posted big blind.
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has Qc Qs
Fedz folded.
steve54555 called $4 and raised $12
Mr_McDee folded.
copiad folded.
Sub_Zero called $14 and raised $30
petcash2 folded.
steve54555 called $30
Dealing flop.
Board cards [5s 4c 2h]
Sub_Zero bet $70
steve54555 called $70
Dealing turn.
Board cards [5s 4c 2h As]
Sub_Zero checked.
steve54555 checked.
Dealing river.
Board cards [5s 4c 2h As 9c]
Sub_Zero bet $30
steve54555 called $30 and raised $92
Sub_Zero has 10 seconds to respond.
Sub_Zero called $91.25 and is All-in
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has Qc Qs
Seat 3 : steve54555 has Kh Kc
steve54555 wins $475.50 with Pair: Kings

Table Name Hand ID Game Stakes
Police Academy 10474745-138853 Holdem No Limit $2/$4
Seat 1 : VgaPoker has $146
Seat 2 : kingmats has $115
Seat 3 : RadioBob has $33.75
Seat 4 : johnnny23 has $630.46
Seat 5 : BimboDeOro has $296
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has $378.25
johnnny23 is the dealer.
BimboDeOro posted small blind.
Sub_Zero posted big blind.
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has Kc Ks
VgaPoker folded.
kingmats folded.
RadioBob called $4 and raised $29.75 and is All-in
johnnny23 called $33.75
BimboDeOro folded.
Sub_Zero called $29.75 and raised $70
johnnny23 folded.
Seat 6 : Sub_Zero has Kc Ks
Seat 3 : RadioBob has 7c 2s
Board cards [2h Qc 2d 9c 5h]
Sub_Zero has Two Pair: Kings and 2s
RadioBob has 3 of a Kind: 2s
RadioBob wins $100.25 with 3 of a Kind: 2s

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