Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On track

I took a holiday. I read some books. I broke up with my girlfriend. All in the space of a single seven day week, and man was I tired by the end of it. The holiday I took was with my now ex-girlfriend and a group of mates, and the too frequent arguments we had while away were indeed a catalyst for the recent split. It was a year last monday, and I'd even bought her a big bouquet of roses to mark the occasion. Just goes to show some things can't be fixed with flowers. On the plus side, I guess my evenings and weekends are suddenly a lot more empty, but the jury is still out on whether this is to prove positive or problematic!
So how did I take my thoughts off that painful decision? I joined PartyPoker of course! My housemate Honest recently started playing there and told me it was a decent site with plenty of terrible players. So, after growing sufficiently weary of the delays and disconnects of VC Poker, I downloaded the software for PP and deposited the $500 maximum. I had to receive a phone call from their support team before my deposit was approved, but by the end of the day I was ready to roll.
I started off perhaps unwisely by sitting down on a 2-4 table with the full buyin of 400. Within 30 mins I was down to 250 and having doubts over the level of play, but it was actually me just playing my usual aggressive game and not hitting as often as I would have expected. Managed to get most if back however, and quit just 30 down. I decided my next session would be on the 1-2s.
Unfortunately, my first session on the 1-2s started off exactly the same way; I opened 2 tables and within 30 minutes I was down 150 and having doubts, but then I got in the groove and after doubling up on one table found my PP bankroll at 600. The next day I started again and made 300 in an hour. I stopped, had a sandwich then made 100 more in 30 minutes before finishing for the night.
I made my latest entries into my spreadsheet and smiled. With just under 14.5k and a new average of $38ph, my 20k target was now just under 150 hours away. Things are starting to look good, and I'm almost ready for the PP 2-4s. I love it when a plan comes together...

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